Single Fold Graduation Cards

Fold with printing on the outside. Place all enclosures on top of the announcement.

Front Design Graduation Cards

Fold with design on the outside and the printing on the inside. Place the enclosures inside.

Name Cards

Some graduation announcements are made with a slot for the name cards. If you have ordered an announcement that does not have the name card slot, place the name card inside the announcement if it is a folded announcement, or on top, if it is a card.


Placed printed side up. The reception card or open house card is first with the other enclosures beneath. The response enclosure should be tucked under the flap of the response envelope. (If you are including response cards with your graduation announcements, you should include a stamp on the response return envelope.)

Insert graduation announcement and enclosures into the inner envelope. Insert the inner envelope, unsealed, into the outer envelope. Face guests’ names to the back of the outer envelope.

If an inner envelope was not included with your order, insert the graduation announcement and enclosures directly into the outer envelope.


Odd size graduation announcements and postcards require extra postage. Here are the USPS' guidelines to determine postage:


Size limits:

-Minimum: 3-1/2 inches high by 5 inches long
-Maximum: 6 inches long by 4-1/4 inches high

Additional postage required for larger postcards


Size limits:

- Rectangular; length is the dimension parallel to the address.
- At least 3-1/2 inches high by 5 inches long
- No more than 6-1/8 inches high by 11-1/2 inches long

To avoid postal delays take your graduation announcement ensemble, including all envelopes and enclosures to your post office to determine proper postage. If your graduation announcement has anything which could be damaged by the postal machines, then you can ask the post office to have them hand stamped.

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