A seal and send invitation is an all in one invitation that is an easy, affordable option for your wedding invitation. This type of invitation includes multiple sections for your invitation, reception and respond wording. Some may include additional space for extra wording. Fold up the seal and send and it becomes its own envelope. What a great way to save on paper, time and cost and at the same time deliver a stylish wedding invitation! The prices shown on our website include a seal for easy closing and return address printing on the back flap and also on the respond postcard if it comes with one. Remember to put a stamp on the respond postcard before sealing the invite! You will enjoy the various seal and send designs we offer. You will also enjoy how quickly and easily you assemble them and get them in the mail! Customize your seal and send invitation online and see an instant on-screen proof with your wording in place. Wording suggestions are shown with each seal n' send wedding invitation. Dozens of designs to choose from, click on one of the links below to find and customize your perfect seal n' send wedding invitation.

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Additional options available while ordering: envelope guest addressing, envelope lining, extra envelopes and more!

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The wedding invitation informs guests of the date, time and location of your ceremony, and also sets the tone for the celebration. Wedding invitations are usually mailed six to eight weeks before the wedding.